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Methanol market last week market and movements

Asian methanol defined range bound market, prices have increased slowly. The market supply from stock normal, and the buyer has the certain intention to pick up the goods, traders smooth shipment. Weeks of southeast Asia market methanol cif price in 383-384 yuan/ton, and a week ago is flat; China port methanol cif price in 383-us $385 / mt, more than a week rise $4 per ton; European methanol market atmosphere smoothly, the price is in 303-304 euros/tons / (European Rotterdam T2), than a week ago rose 6.5 euros/tons, the United States methanol market transaction smoothly, methanol spot price in 115-117 cents per gallon (FD the us gulf, amount to about $383-390 tons), than a week ago rise 1 cents a gallon.

Our country present methanol market highs trend, now will in most regions of China methanol market market analysis are as follows:

The east China area methanol market transactions tends to be active atmosphere, a modest rise in price. Stock market stock normal, slow demand picks up, buyers arena gradually picking up, volume increased, traders intention to reduce delivery, a small price increase. Weekend in east China market offer mainstream 2950-3060 yuan/ton. Jiangsu market transaction of methanol compatible, mainstream out in 2940-2960 tank offer yuan/ton; Ningbo methanol market clinch a deal the steady, the price is in 3000 cans of mainstream-3060 yuan/ton.

South China market delivers light methanol stability, price vulnerable concussion. The early enough market to discuss the atmosphere weakness, prices fall modestly; After a weeks downstream demand have rebounded, traders shipment is slightly better, offer a modest to bounce back. Weekend market price is in 2910-2930 the mainstream yuan/ton. Fujian area methanol stable market supply and demand, traders shipment general, price fluctuation is not big, the market price is in 3050-3100 yuan/ton.

The northeast region methanol market supply normal, and prices are stable. Local methanol device start is insufficient, the stock market stock is not high, and the demand is more steady, terminal buyers moderate stock, methanol manufacturer normal delivery, low price small go high, methanol mainstream offer 2650-2700 yuan/ton. Nonlocal source in liaoning province to methanol prices small-scope fluctuation, the mainstream prices in 2850-2870 yuan/ton.

Central China methanol market atmosphere the weak, the price is edging down, methanol mainstream in the 2620-2700 factory yuan/ton. The western area of henan methanol manufacturer shipment slow, prices keep falling, the mainstream in 2620-2650 the factory offer yuan/ton; Midwest factory inventory increase methanol, mainstream reduce small to offer 2650-2700 yuan/ton. In dongting methanol market clinch a deal is low, the price trend not beautiful. Hunan area of lack of initiative negotiations, the mainstream offer in 2800-2850 yuan/ton; Hubei area offer a modest down by 2780-2800 yuan/ton.

Shandong area methanol weak market trends, a small price decline. Because methanol factory shipment slow down, a small factory price declines to mainstream 2730-2800 yuan/ton. Shandong methanol manufacturer of east-central stock has increased, mainstream factory price in 2780-2800 yuan/ton; Southern shandong methanol factory shipment slow, a small price cut, mainstream prices in 2730-2750 yuan/ton. Anhui area methanol manufacturer smooth delivery, offer fluctuation is not big, mainstream offer in 2800-2850 yuan/ton.

Methanol in north China market smooth running, low prices were slightly go soft, mainstream factory price is in 2530-2700 yuan/ton. Weeks of shijiazhuang hebei methanol manufacturer mainly watching the shipment, general, price change is not big, the mainstream in 2680-2700 the factory offer yuan/ton. Shanxi area methanol factory shipment weak, price fall modestly, methanol mainstream offer 2530-2650 yuan/ton.

The current domestic market whole weak methanol. Last week, in addition to the east China market futures pulled up by methanol support a small price move higher, other market trading atmosphere light, turnover shrinking. At present the downstream demand remains fragile, but recent methanol futures significantly after push, market confidence has boosted, plus Iran could supply the late import restriction and WaiPan trend of strong results, short-term market to have support.


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