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2012 the world the tobacco industry need to speed up the adhesive technology development

Reproduced chemical nets

H.B. Fuller company at present the tobacco business manager Stuart ZhanJinSen: 2012 will give the tobacco industry many challenges. Cigarette packaging and cigarette designs innovation of will promote the continuous development of bonded to cigarette can be more challenging base material of high efficiency, high performance adhesives can's new scientist technology. However, cigarette between manufacturers and adhesives industry and common more large-scale cooperation between suppliers, will keep up with the trend. "

"Innovation, quality, responsibility, environment, safety and integrity is the industry's trademark, all want to be engaged in this profession of the company will have to take all means to achieve these high standards. We have to meet customer expected standard. With the progress of The Times, the tobacco industry enterprise responsibility to demand more and more attention, and keep a good image of the social responsibility."


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