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When the adhesive plastic use glue precautions

The main note the following points:

(1) sure the sticky plastic varieties: according to the plastic the thermal performance can be divided into hot plastic plastic and thermosetting plastic two categories, including the thermoplastic soluble can melt, and thermosetting plastic insoluble don't melt, and use of heating combustion or solvent of dissolved method can distinguish the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic. Some are sticky plastic surface can is low, belongs to stick a hard plastic, such as ptfe, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc, must be in accordance with the circumstances, treatment.

Some are sticky plastic easy adhesive, which can be directly with solvent adhesive, bonding effect of it, such as organic glass the chloroform adhesive; Frames (acetate fiber class) with acetone adhesive to wait, all can get very good bonding effect.

(2) chooses appropriate adhesive: the same variety of plastic adhesive and different kinds of plastic stick receive, chooses adhesive is different.

(3) the use of reasonable bonding process: the problem is very important, because some plastic surface treatment with solvent skim can, and some plastic surface treatment but must coarsening, some plastic surface treatment they must be chemical processing.


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