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UV glue of green article

UV glue and say no shadow glue

Applicable to the environmental protection UV adhesive glue material type: glass, electronic components, plastic kind, rubber kind, fiber class, metal kind, wood kind, and other material, ceramic, paper, kind, and other mobile phone key-press UV glue, mobile phone key-press glue, TPU adhesive

Environmental protection UV adhesive features:

Mobile phone key-press silicone rubber sticky PC, ABS (P + R) TPU + PC with, do not need to deal with Primer. Dedicated to mobile phone key-press of plastic keys with silicone rubber (P + R) adhesion, keys of mobile phone (P + R) by UV adhesive glue, can avoid instant glue dry white and not high temperature resistant shortcomings, such as high humidity, another simple process, environmental protection and reliable!


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