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2012 world adhesives and sealants congress (WAC 2012) got partners

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European adhesive manufacturer association (FEICA) are pleased to announce that 8 th world adhesives and sealants congress (WAC2012) will be held from September 18 ~ 21, held in Paris, France. The international event held every four years, respectively in Europe, the us and Asia held in turn. This is the global adhesives and sealants a professional in the most important a party.

WAC 2012 slogan is "create the Future" (Creating the Future).

The conference aims to clear the main challenges of industry, provide multi-angle solutions, promote enterprise of dialogue between for global adhesives and sealants industry development and progress and work together.

From all the partners, adhesives and sealants industry, raw materials suppliers, customers, science and technology, legislation, non-governmental organizations, etc) of different Angle, meeting will focus on the following four themes. Every theme 4 times group seminars, workshops include 4 every speech, every speech not more than 20 minutes.



I. more hasten is strict global regulations and standards

II. The sustainability and environmental protection

III. To ensure that the raw material supply

IV. Create value-from an entrepreneurial spirit, design and technology

The paper guide


Submit papers before, shall first submit a the. This must be the English version, not more than 300 words (less than one page), shall include the following contents:

Speech topic

The author or co-author name


The company relationship


Personal profile (no more than 125 words)


The speaker should consider, speech Suggestions (the) should include business or technical innovation, advanced technology and research methods and the application of information, to adhesives and sealants industry has important demonstration significance. For each workshop, we wish to receive Angle different (area, industry, politics and technology) global view (Asia, Europe, the United States and other countries in the world). The following guide describes the content of each forum.

Conference contents guide

Seminar 1: more hasten is strict global regulations and standards:

Industry and the legislature mutual cooperation, stricter regulations and standards designed to fulfill our social responsibility, and reduce industry burden;

Efforts to coordinate the global industry standards;

Health, environmental and safety (HES) regulations of the three aspects of development and prospects (REACH-CLP) : Europe, America and Asia;

Information source: national authority and the European commission, industry, non-governmental organizations, the raw material suppliers, customers and standardized institutions.

Seminar 2: sustainability and environmental protection


Adhesives and sealants end users the progress in the field of application, challenges and prospects, including: the consumer products industry, construction, transportation, paper and packaging industry;

Technical contribution, new application, new raw materials;

New operation methods;

Information source: the legislative, the customer, and the industry, raw materials suppliers, non-governmental organizations and academia.

Discussion 3: ensure that energy and raw material supply

Expounds the raw material supply interruption;

Because the chemical into other apparent from substitute raw materials, to our industry influence;

Encourage throughout the supply chain for alternative cooperation;

The innovation of the alternative solutions, such as: biological technology.

Discussion 4: creating value-from an entrepreneurial spirit, design and technology

Innovation method, open resources, in academic and industry to build Bridges between;

Adhesives and sealants progress of the application of innovation;

The best practice value-added services;

Training and education.

Tip: for FEICA conference report preparation, shall ensure that the report


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