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Sinopec catalyst technology international fair held

August 31,, China petrochemical catalyst technology international conference held in Beijing. This is the catalyst since the establishment of the branch to hold the 4th catalyst technology international exchange. Chinese academy of engineering CaoXiang hong attended the meeting and speech topic.

CaoXiang hong said, oil chemical industry development needs advanced strategy and effective measures. Through technological innovation, and constantly enhance the inferior oil processing level, and improve product quality. Through the technological innovation, the development of high-end chemical business, improve competition ability; Play to the technological and industrial advantages, and actively the development of coal chemical industry, promote resource diversity; Play integration advantages, as a whole variety of the effective utilization of resources. Sinopec will continue to increase the technology research efforts, continuous propulsion catalyst business development for the company business development provide effective support.

Catalyst technique is modern oil refining and petrochemical industry key technology, catalyst technology level can reflect a national petroleum and chemical industry overall level. Catalyst branch established nearly eight years, in the international market development has made by leaps and bounds results, export quantity increase than the beginning of establishment of 8 times, the export volume increase 15 times. Overseas customers in the United States, belarus, Finland, etc, total more than 50 companies and refinery.

From more than 20 countries and regions in 65 companies and refinery of more than 140 foreign delegates and domestic refining enterprises from more than 190 representatives to attend the meeting, and to discuss the world petrochemical industry faced with opportunities, challenges and development strategy. Science and technology development, catalyst branch, the relevant person in charge of academicians attended the meeting and speech.



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